Tal på Taiwans nationaldag


I måndags höll jag tal när Taiwan firade sin nationaldag

Mr. Ambassador, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are all graded here tonight to celebrate the national day of Taiwan. I would like to take this opportunity to give a speech and greetings from the Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian Association. First, I just want to explain the purpose of the Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian association we have in the Swedish Parliament. The association’s purpose shall be to promote contacts between parliamentarians in Sweden and Taiwan and support the exchange between the countries’ economic and otherwise information about Taiwan among Swedish parliamentarians. I am also glad for the very good contact and cooperation we, in the association, have with the Taipei Mission in Stockholm.

I have been the chair of the parliamentarian association for 3,5 year and it has been very intense; two ambassador, several ministers from Taiwan has visit Sweden and several member of the Swedish parliaments has been visiting Taiwan.

Before writing the speech I asked some colleges in the parliament and friends out side the parliament to say what they think about when they think about Taiwan. The knowledge of Taiwan is getting bigger in Sweden. Many of then mention all the high-tech that comes from Taiwan.
And some talk about other business exchange between our countries.
Other mention the elections in Taiwan and the important role Taiwan plays for the neighboring countries.

Through shared background and cultural values, Taiwan is an important bridge between China and the Western World. With the support of the international community, Taiwan will be able to remain an important actor and defender of democratic values.

And for those of us that has had the opportunity to go to Taiwan it is clear that we all has been swept away by the beautiful landscape. A fantastic green island, beautiful mountains, big lakes and cities full of life.

Once again I am very glad for the very good contact and cooperation we have with the Taipei Mission in Stockholm. And I think we could have more co-operations between the countries. To further promote bilateral trade, exchange of research and knowhow, tourism among others, it is important to remove barriers such as complicated and time-consuming visa application processes. EU has decided to lift visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens for stays up to 90 days. But more can be done to really work for a more opened market.

And now when a new mandate period start in the parliament I also hope that we Swedish Parliament association will grow and get new member, so all MPs that are here are more then welcome as members!

As the representative for the Swedish Parliamentarian association, I am delighted to meet all of You here this evening. Ladies and gentlemen please raise your glasses in a toast for the celebration of the national day of Taiwan.

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