Taiwan veckan

I onsdags var jag en av invigningstalarna för Taiwan veckan. Jag gjorde det i egenskap av ordförande för svensk-taiwanesiska parlamentariska vänskapsföreningen.

Delar av talet jag höll nedan

Last spring in May I had the opportunity to visit Taiwan. I was swept away of the amazing landscape. A fantastic green island, beautiful mountains, big lakes and cities full of life. A place where heaven meets sea. Looking around at the photos here today, you can see for yourself – and the text Touch your heart is really true.

For me Taiwan is a country full of colors with the big mix of cities, beautiful landscapes but also a country with plus, that is something you see in all the hard work that Taiwan does.

Taiwan, stands as a symbol of what great success a country can achieve when it decides to work hard for market economy, with a rapid economical growth that has resulted in a high level of welfare. A significant part of worldwide high-tech also originates from the country.

Taiwan has an important role in serving as a democratic example to the Chinese-spoken world. Through shared background and cultural values, Taiwan’s importance as a bridge between China and the Western World should not be neglected. With the support of the international community, Taiwan will be able to remain an important actor and defender of democratic values.

Finally, I just want to explain the purpose of the a Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian association we have in the Swedish Parliament. The association’s purpose shall be to promote contacts between parliamentarians in Sweden and Taiwan and strengthen the exchange between the countries’ economic and otherwise information about Taiwan among Swedish parliamentarians. I am also glad for the very good contact and cooperation we have, the association with the Taipei Mission in Stockholm. And I think we could have more co-operations between the countries. The co-operation can be depend even more.

And this Taiwan-week is really a great opportunity for Swedish people to learn more about Taiwan, see what a great place it is to visit, learn more about it’s culture, society and Taiwanese products.  I myself look forward to interesting days with a several fun activities.

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